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FB Suppliers is a member-based network of more 100 companies that provide services and deliver products in connection with the construction of the Fehmarn Belt connection.

As a client or contractor, you get access to various partners and subcontractors who are ready to solve the tasks that your project requires.

The companies can provide services in all branches of construction, both in terms of design, construction, crafts and services. Our members can take care of everything, from the execution of contracts to deliveries of manpower, toilet paper, clean towels, fuel, tools, construction fences or a 30 ton excavator.

We make sure to put you in touch with all the right contacts, so you quickly get clarification, prices and offers that ensure you efficient execution and progress in your project.


The board of FB Suppliers consists of Chairman Lars Stuckert, Partner at Advodan, Vice Chairman Martin Skibsted, CEO at Saxkjøbing Sukkerfabrik, Tresurer Kenneth Norre, CEO at LE34 and board members , Søren Stougaard, General Manager at Blue Water Shipping, Aage Østergaards, Sales Executive at Frimann Biler in Maribo, Kim Olesen, Managing Director at Davai and alternate board member Tim Rasmussen, CEO at Lollands Trælast.

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